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IOC Manual of Sports Cardiology
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IOC Manual of Sports Cardiology
von: Mathew Wilson, Jonathan Drezner, Sanjay Sharma
Wiley-Blackwell, 2016
ISBN: 9781119046882
530 Seiten, Download: 52062 KB
Format:  PDF
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For the practicing sports medicine physician at the front line of sports cardiology, this comprehensive and authoritative resource provides a centralized source of information which addresses this important topic in an accessible manner. This book recognises the broad role sports physicians play, from liaison between athlete, family, specialist, and coaching staff based on the identification of pathological heart disease, to being first to respond when an athlete collapses. The chapters include basic science of disease and disorders, pathophysiology, diagnosis, the effect or role of exercise, and clinical management guidance.

  • Provides a comprehensive and authoritative overview on all aspects of sports cardiology
  • Addresses cardiac abnormalities confronting Olympic athletes, Paralympic athletes, as well as athletes competing on all other levels of competition
  • Endorsed by the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
  • Written and edited by global thought leaders in sports medicine

Professor Mathew Wilson is Head of Athlete Health and Performance Research and is Lead Performance Physiologist at Aspetar (Qatar Orthopedic Sports Medicine Hospital, Qatar). He has led cardiovascular pre-participation screening programmes both within the United Kingdom and the Middle-East, and has been charged with the screening of over 15,000 high-level athletes at the Olympic Medical Institute (United Kingdom) and Aspetar (Qatar).

Professor Jonathan Drezner is past-president of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, Director of the Center for Sports Cardiology and a sports medicine physician at the University of Washington, and team physician for the Seattle Seahawks NBA basketball team. Professor Drezner is a leading authority on the role of the automatic external defibrillator in preventing sudden cardiac death.

Professor Sanjay Sharma is Medical Director of the Virgin London Marathon, Chair-Elect of the European Society of Cardiology (Sports Cardiology) nucleus group and leads the inherited cardiomyopathies and sports cardiology clinics at St George's Hospital, London.

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