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Excitement Processes - Norbert Elias's unpublished works on sports, leisure, body, culture
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Excitement Processes - Norbert Elias's unpublished works on sports, leisure, body, culture
von: Jan Haut, Paddy Dolan, Dieter Reicher, Raúl Sánchez García
Springer VS, 2017
ISBN: 9783658149123
318 Seiten, Download: 3759 KB
Format:  PDF
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  Contents 5  
  Editors and Contributors 7  
  Part I Introduction 10  
  Reconstructing Elias’s Work on Leisure, Sports and the Body 11  
     Editorial Note 24  
     References 26  
  Part II Section 1: Leisure and Culture 29  
  Spontaneity and Self-consciousness 30  
     A Thought Experiment in the Long-Term Imagination About Leisure 31  
     The Pressure of Rationality on the Moralisation of Spontaneous Leisure Enjoyments 34  
     Beyond Kitsch and Romanticism: From Stone Age Dancing to Jazz and Modern Art 39  
     Reconciling Spontaneity and Self-consciousness: Education for Controlled Decontrolling 77  
  Notice on Spontaneity and Self-consciousness: Elias’s Early Approach to Leisure Activities 84  
     The Problem of Dating the Manuscript 85  
     Contents of Spontaneity 87  
     The Intellectual Context 91  
     Two Theoretic Innovations of Spontaneity 97  
     Summary and Conclusion 99  
     References 100  
  Civilization, Happiness and the Thinking Millipede: A Commentary on Norbert Elias’s Spontaneity and Self-consciousness 102  
     The Core Idea of the Lecture and Its Position in Elias’s Known Works 104  
     ‘The Price of Civilisation’ in the Utopia of a Modern Affluent Society: Macro-Sociological Comparisons and Critique 111  
     The Message of Spontaneity Today: 50 Years After 119  
     References 122  
  Part III Section 2: Sportisation and ‘Modernisation’ 125  
  Fragments on Sportisation Norbert Elias 126  
     Sportisation in Nineteenth Century 127  
     The Hambledon Club 134  
     Plan 137  
  Completing Sportisation: Elias on the Diffusion and Differentiation of Sport in ‘Modern’ Society 142  
     The English Origins of Sport: Initial Questions and Answers Published 143  
     Diffusion and Variation in the Nineteenth Century 147  
     Different Lines of Development 149  
     Conclusion 152  
     References 156  
  Elias on the Development of Modern Sport: Empirical Error, Interpretive Insight and Conceptual Clarification 158  
     Elias and the Development of Cricket: Empirical Review 160  
     Elias and the Development of Cricket: Conceptual Review 164  
     The Contribution to an Eliasian Perspective on the Development of Modern Sport 167  
     The Significance of the Fragments on the Stokvis–Malcolm Debate 170  
     References 172  
  Part IV Section 3: Sport, Violence and State Formation 175  
  Boxing and Duelling Norbert Elias 176  
  Boxing and Duelling: Critical Remarks on Elias on Violence and State-Formation from a Historical Perspective 219  
     References 234  
  Class Relations and the Development of Boxing: Norbert Elias on Sportisation Processes in England and France 236  
     Introduction to Elias’s Manuscript 236  
     Class Relations and Hybridisation 238  
     Gambling, Fair Play and the Entrepreneurs of Boxing 240  
     Resemblance Between Published and Unpublished Works 246  
     Figurational Research on Boxing 247  
     Histories of Savate and Boxing: National Differences 249  
     Conclusion 252  
     References 254  
  Revisiting Duelling and Fencing in the Sociology of Norbert Elias 256  
     Duelling, Fencing and ‘Quest for Excitement’ 262  
     ‘Royal Mechanism’ and the Transition from Duelling to Early Courtier Fencing 263  
     The Development of Modern Sport Fencing During the Nineteenth Century 267  
     Concluding Remarks 271  
     References 273  
  Part V Section 4: The Body 275  
  The ‘Rediscovery’ of the Body Norbert Elias 276  
  Elias’s Contribution to the Sociology of the Body: The Rediscovery of the Hinge 285  
     The Hinge 290  
     Applications of the Hinge 295  
     Future Directions 297  
     References 299  
  Part VI Conclusion 302  
  Conclusion 303  
     References 310  
  Index 311  

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Belletristik / Romane
Medizin / Gesundheit
Philosophie / Religion
Psychologie / Pädagogik
Reise / Hobbys
Sexualität / Erotik
Technik / Wissen

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