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Euphoria and Exhaustion - Modern Sport in Soviet Culture and Society
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Euphoria and Exhaustion - Modern Sport in Soviet Culture and Society
von: Nikolaus Katzer, Sandra Budy, Alexandra Köhring, Manfred Zeller
Campus Verlag, 2010
ISBN: 9783593410081
363 Seiten, Download: 5038 KB
Format:  PDF
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  Content 6  
  Foreword 10  
  I. Sites and Media 14  
     Sites and Media: Introduction – Mike O’Mahony 16  
     Sports Visions and Sports Places: The Social Topography of Sport in Late Imperial St. Petersburg and its Representation in Contemporary Photography (1890–1914) – Ekaterina Emeliantseva 20  
     Exploring the Power of the Curve: Projects for an International Red Stadium in 1920s Moscow – Alexandra Köhring 42  
     Frozen Action: Thoughts on Sport, Discipline and the Arts in the Soviet Union of the 1930s – Bettina Jungen 62  
     Changing Images of Sport in the Early Soviet Press – Sandra Budy 72  
     The Swimming Vtorova Sisters: The Representation and Experience of Sport in the 1930s – Christina Kiaer 90  
     Heading into Modernity: Sporting Culture, Architecture and Photography in the Early Turkish Republic – Burcu Dogramaci 112  
  II. Milieus and Memory 126  
     Milieus and Memory: Introduction – Louise McReynolds 128  
     Imperial Careers and National Recollection: Baltic Wrestlers and the Organization of National Sports in the Late Tsarist Empire (using the example of Estonia) – Karsten Brüggemann 134  
     An Academic Escape to the Periphery? The Social and Cultural Milieu of Soviet – Mountaineering from the 1920s to the 1960s – Eva Maurer 160  
     Beyond the Death Match: Sport under German Occupation between Repression and Integration, 1941–1944 – Volodymyr Ginda 180  
     “The Second Stalingrad”: Soccer Fandom, Popular Memory and the Legacy of the Stalinist Past – Manfred Zeller 202  
     Romantic Underdogs: Spartak in the Golden Age of Soviet Soccer, 1945–1952 – Robert Edelman 226  
  III. Gender and Science 246  
     Gender and Science: Introduction – Irina Bykhovskaya 248  
     Emancipation within the Ruling Ideology: Soviet Women in Fizkul’tura and Sport in the 1920s and 1930s – Kateryna Kobchenko 252  
     Training Methods and Soccer Tactics in the Late Soviet Union: Rational Systems of Bodies and Space – Hans-Joachim Braun, Nikolaus Katzer 270  
     Soviet Women in Sports in the Brezhnev Years: The Female Body and Soviet Modernism – Anke Hilbrenner 296  
     “… if Jarmila Kratochvilova is the future of women’s sports, I’m not sure I’m ready for it.” Media, Gender and the Cold War – Stefan Wiederkehr 316  
  Epilogue 338  
     Sport, Sport, Sport, or a Cinematic Experiment with the ‘Formula of Harmony’ – Christine Gölz 340  
  Supplement 362  

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